My name is Livi.

I am from Slovakia but I live in England which is the main reason why I prefer to write in English. Besides, Slovak grammar has never been my strong point and with English, I work on improvement.

I studied university for five years and I loved it. It gave me an amazing opportunity to learn independence and opened the door to qualities that I didn’t know I had them in me. During these years I got the chance to travel and I absolutely fell in love with it. Every journey taught me something about myself.

So I gave up my law career and decided to go and discovered the world.

My superpower is positivity and daydreaming which can lead me to be free and sink my mind into wonderland which is not always good but I think there are too many serious people in the world and far fewer crazy ones.

So if you are interesting what I discovered grab of cup of coffee or glass of wine and keep reading 🙂