About me

My name is Livia, but everyone calls me Liv.

fabulous woman, bournemouth

I come from Slovakia, but I have been living on the coast of the sunny English town of Bournemouth for a few years. This city is known for its long sandy beach and tourists throughout the summer season. I fell in love with it, and I’m here at home.

I studied college for five years, and it was great. It gave me an incredible amount of experience, such as a feeling of freedom and independence, the opportunity to travel, which a university student in Slovakia has almost unlimited. He just has to want.

I fell in love with travelling and exploring new countries, people and live.

I fell in love so much that I gave up my career as a lawyer and went out into the world. And I ended up in Bournemouth, where I found more than I thought.

In Bournemouth, I found the life I always wanted, friendships that were as strong as family ties and love. What more can a woman wish for happiness. Bournemouth has become my source of inspiration.

My superpowers are extremely crazy temperament, eternal dreaming, the mission to be Fabulous all the time, and my enthusiasm even with the little things.

On my blog, I write about us women and about how Fabulous we are.

Even though sometimes we don’t feel like Fabulous at all. We each have our bad and good days, we have our sorrows and joys. Each of us sometimes needs a moment for ourselves, our own place where we can clean up our thoughts. This blog is about this. It’s about each of us. So take a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and start reading.

If you would like to join me drop a comment, join me on Instagram or leave me a personal message. Let’s get the women community grown. Let’s go support each other. We are stronger together.

Because every woman is Fabulous. She just has to discover it in herself.