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Top 5 advice before you made up your mind and decide to solo travel

Top 5 advice before you made up your mind and decide to solo travel

Are you a travel fan too? Traveling with family, friends, or solo travel? Which is your favorite? For me, it has always been traveling with my best friend. But that changed and I had to decide very quickly what I was going to do. What is the best option?

During university, I used to travel a lot with my friend Mim but I never solo traveled and I didn’t even think about it.

When my friend found a boyfriend and decided to settle down, I was happy with her but also disappointed because we were planning to travel further. I did not want to give up this plan. I had to do it but without her. But I was not sure if I am ready for solo travel.

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I never told anyone but that time I felt very lonely. On one side it was just me and my idea of a different life, new adventures, new people and cultures and on another side were all these people who were telling me how I supposed to live my life. I wasn´t ready for that. I felt like something is still dragging me away to see things, to do things, to see the world. I wasn´t done. I wasn´t ready to settle down and accepted life how it is. But I wasn’t really sure if solo travel is the right thing for me.

I just came back from the USA so I was full of energy and determination. But at the same time, I remember how scared I was. I had some savings but I didn’t want to just stupidly spend them and come back home with anything. I wanted to play safe but I knew that I had to risk something. I had to make a plan.

I contacted my old agency for help and advice. I spent much time searching for the best option for me, read lots about other solo travelers, and I read lots of reviews about different kinds of abroad programs.

The truth is there is no best option or advice.

There is only one option that suits you the best. Sometimes it’s all about compromise and what you’re willing to sacrifice. But it is an important step, so you need to think about it well.

You have in front of you big decision. You should take your time and think about it.

Top advice from me how to make your decision easier

  • Think about the reason why you want to solo travel

Why do you want to make a change?  Why do you want to leave your home country, everything you know?

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That can help you decide how big that change should be. Sometimes you are tired of life, tired of what you are doing or where you are. You might want just take time off from everything and everybody. Life can be a very tiring place sometimes.

Maybe you just want a little change, little step like starting doing something differently. Maybe you just need a vacation, a few days for yourself. That’s why you don’t have to turn your whole life upside down yet.

If you’re really honest with yourself, you know exactly what you want. And if it’s really something big, then definitely go for it. And in that case, solo travel is one of the best ways to get to know yourself.

  • The Internet

Solo travel can be stressful and sometimes dangerous if you are not prepared enough for it. And that´s why my next advice is about the Internet.

These days the Internet is all around us and you can find there literally everything. The best thing that you can do is use it. Search your options and opportunity. Get to know a better place where should your future home be. Prepare for different situations, study the culture, and the place where you go. Don’t let your enthusiasm darken your brain. Remember that good luck to those who are brave and ready.

use internet to search your travel options
  • Use social networks

This brings me to the next point. Get connect with people who are already abroad or even better get connect with people who do solo travel or have any experiences with it. They already did this big step and maybe they won’t know the answer to all your questions but they can help you or give you a little bit of confidence, which you miss.

There are many groups on Facebook depending on the country where you want to go. You may find new friends before arriving at the destination. That’s not bad too…

  • Write down your options and opportunities

Write down your pros and cons. I am a writer so lists always work for me. When I write down all my options its helps me to decide. Write down on the paper all the questions you have in your head and try to answer them honestly.  When you can see it, you can think clearer.

Keep the paper, store it in a safe place, and once you doubt your decision, go back to it and remind yourself why you made the way you did.

  • Don’t be afraid to fail

Failure is a natural part of life just as fear is a natural companion for man. I belong to the category of people who hated failure. I never understood why failure is good. The older I get, the more I realize that failure is not so bad.

Where the one door closes, the other opens.

Sometimes is the fear bigger than reality itself.

I follow the motto “If you’re scared then at least you know you’re really alive!”

In the end, I chose Career International and their program “study and work in Uk”. I chose them mostly because they offered me to find a part-time job, accommodation in a host family, and an English course with certification.

Career International has been on the market since August 2004 to provide students and young people with opportunities to gain international experience through exchanges, education, and training abroad. They offer constant assistance with problems that may occur abroad, which makes you feel that someone has your back. That was one of my reasons why I chose them. It was a very safe option. But was it the right one? Hard to say…

The place where they offered me to go, Bournemouth, looked amazing in the pictures. So I made up my mind and imagined myself on a sunny beach there, paid and waited till day D.

the best

That easy it was.

I hope my advice helped you at least a little. Do you have better advice? Feel free to share them with me.

You can read about my first moment in Bournemouth in the article If life is a movie I want to be the main character

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