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The most important relationship is the relationship with yourself

The most important relationship is the relationship with yourself

In today’s age of women’s emancipation, when women are no longer just patiently waiting for their saviour at home but have decided to save themselves, there are still many women who believe that the whole world is built on a relationship and nothing more important exists. Are they right?

Is the relationship really the most important thing in the world? And if yes, what kind of relationship are we talking about? Relationship with a partner, relationship with your friends or colleagues or…? And what about the phrase “I’d rather be alone than in a wrong relationship?” Or do we really need someone at all costs?

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Is it really that bad to be single? And are we really that single? What about the relationship with yourself, the most important person.

I was alone for a very long time and I never considered it a mistake or a problem. I have always been happy about that. Relationship with myself was my priority. Many people didn’t understand that and they told me I was very difficult. I didn’t agree. I just didn’t want to be with whoever. Why should I be? It’s my life after all, and I choose who I want to let into it.

Even now when I’m happy in relationship I still think that be single wasn’t that bad as people think it is.

Let’s think about it for a moment. Let’s have a look at single life. Is it really that bad?

You have most of your free time for yourself. No one limits you. You don’t have to change your plans because of your partner, you don’t have to explain to anyone that the person you were talking to is really just a good friend, you don’t have to ask anyone if you can go out with your friends, and so on.

Because you are free. It’s your life and no one controls it, even if it shouldn’t happen even when you’re in a relationship. But many women confuse the relationship with owning. And a woman is willing to do so many things for love, sometimes too many. We often sacrifice too much time if not all of our time for a relationship with a man. Even we sometimes get lost in our own relationships.

Why are we doing this? I don’t know. Maybe we love too much and we fall in love too soon. Maybe we fall in love before we get to know ourselves and give ourselves a chance.

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That’s why I think you have to live and get to know yourself first and then get into a relationship with someone else. Fulfil your dreams, fight for what you have always wanted to achieve. Show everyone what a woman you are. Especially to show it to yourself, because you deserve it.

Create a relationship with yourself first and after with someone else.

Being single is a great time and a great opportunity for you to get to know yourself. You have a unique opportunity to find out who you are and what you want from life. Nobody’s pushing you to do something you don’t want to do. You don’t have to compromise. It’s just you and no one else. This time is also great for self-development.

Start pursuing new hobbies or you’re dusting off old hobbies you didn’t have time for. Discover your potential and do what really fills you. Start study something new or maybe start to do some online courses which can help you discover what you want in future. A fascinating journey of self-knowledge awaits you.

My favourite part of being single is very closely related to self-knowledge. That point is travelling. When you’re single, you don’t have anyone to think about, and you can pack your bags whenever you want and travel wherever you want.

Nowadays, travel is very popular and in most countries, it is also relatively safe, so nothing really limits you. Trying life elsewhere will bring you many great experiences, teach you independence and help you grow like nothing else. For me, it was one of the best decisions of my life and I definitely recommend it to everyone with all ten.

If you don’t know how to start, click here and read my advice.

For me, being single means being independent. I am boss to myself and I solve all my problems by myself. And that gives me an incredible sense of freedom. If you didn’t think about it that way, you should start.

Start looking at single life from this positive angle and I guarantee you that your life will change. Great, unexpected things start to happen.

You will become an independent, self-sufficient young woman, able to take care of yourself in every situation. You will no longer need the help of your partner or anyone else.

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Maybe you think that if you are too careful, that everyone you don’t let into your life right away will just leave. I thought so too, and I even used to cry a lot about it when people left my life. I was wrong and so are you. Despite all your moods, theories, and philosophies, the right people will not give up and stay in your life because they will love who you are. They will love your personality.

And wrong people don’t belong in your life. It may sound harsh or cruel, but it’s true. Some people have to come into your life, teach you something and then just leave. My advice is to let them go. They are probably toxic. If you don’t know how to recognize these people, click here and find out if you have these people in your area.

Learn to respect yourself and know your value. When you learn it, something in you will change. Your relationship with yourself will change. You start choosing the people you want to have around you. And life will start throwing the right people and great life opportunities in your way.

Being single doesn’t mean that your life doesn’t make sense or that you will be single forever.

Being single gives you the opportunity get to know yourself, date yourself and be the best company to yourself. You should definitely be proud of this status and enjoy it to the fullest. And when someone, the right one, enters your life, you will enjoy it.

When love came into my life I was not ready. I was scared because I had never experienced anything so strong and I was completely engulfed. But, on the other hand, I wanted it. I was sure of that and I still am. I still feel in love with my boyfriend, our relationship and our crazy life. I still feel in love with life and feel so free and at the same time bound by love. That’s important or at least should be important for us to be in love with us, with life, with what we do.

For me, a relationship with myself will always be the most important relationship and only if this relationship works I can be happy with someone else. It is that simple for me.

Does it make sense? What’s your opinion…?

And in the very end, a small musical dot, for each of us whether we are single or in a relationship, we are all beautiful. So be single if you feel it, be in love if you need it and enjoy a relationship with yourself as much as you can.

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