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Does a woman want a big romantic gesture or a real man and love?

Does a woman want a big romantic gesture or a real man and love?

“A woman loves a big romantic gesture more than a man who makes that romantic gesture.” I read this interesting sentence on the Internet, in connection with Valentine’s Day, and got offended by it.

Do men really think we are so superficial and throw us all in one bag with the words “expensive and demanding”? Do, we, women, really present ourself and create the feeling that love is not important to us and that it can be replaced by a big romantic gesture?

Then I started thinking about it. After all, the sentence didn’t just come out of nowhere. Because as they say without the breeze, not even a leaf moves. So I think the person who said it had to be based on a personal experience that was probably not the best.

A big romantic gesture, man or love … so what do we want …

Does a woman really want a big romantic gesture instead of real love? And if so, how is a great romantic gesture actually defined? Is it a romantic serenade under the window, a magnificent request for a hand in front of everyone with a shiny diamond, or would your favourite flowers and box of chocolates be enough?

So if you, dear woman, can answer that, please explain to me whether such a gesture is not directly proportional to true love? Doesn’t it work that if you really love, you make these big romantic gesture for love? Or do we just have in our head a kind of romantic idea from movies that we are trying to find in real life?

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Do we walk the world looking for a movie idea, and not look at people, men, around or in it at all? Do we not look with our hearts but only with our eyes, and what do we get closest to the idea of a great romantic gesture?

Are men just victims of our romantic vision?

Especially before Valentine’s Day, there are a million advertisements for love and great romantic gestures. There are on the Internet and everywhere around. During this period, women are more in anticipation about what their lovely men prepared for them or whether they will receive a proposal to marriage.

All goldsmiths are in ahead of who sells more, who sells more love with the slogan: “All women love diamonds and diamonds love women”.

There are hearts, flowers everywhere. It’s all huge and glittery and it encourages men to make a big romantic gesture. Or it puts pressure on men to make some great romantic gestures. But is it really out of love, or just out of pressure from every side, commercial or non-commercial?

Is it just a big romantic gesture or is Valentine’s Day a real celebration of love?

There are several stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day, but I prefer this one.

Valentine was a priest who lived in the third century. At that time, Emperor Claudius II ruled in the Roman Empire. He noticed that young single men fought much better, much more selflessly and more effectively than those where wives and children were waiting at home. He, therefore, issued a decree banning marriage to young people. Only those who were not suitable candidates for the army could have a wedding. Valentín did not agree with this regulation and decided to marry the couple secretly. He was eventually punished and sentenced to death on February 14 for this act.

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It is also said that before his martyrdom, Valentín restored the sight and hearing of the jailer’s daughter he fell in love with. Before he was sent to the executioner, he allegedly sent her a letter signed “From your Valentine”. And so the sending of Valentine’s mail was created.

So much love and affection in the gestures of one priest, and he didn’t even have to own a jewellery store.

So, if we wanted to believe what was being said, we could say that Valentine’s Day is a beautiful reminder of a man who fought for love. Not for himself but for others. I call this a big romantic gesture. And that’s why I would consider any Valentine’s Day celebration, just like that, simply because I love and I’m loved.

I’ve never been up to big romantic gestures. I like them in the movie, but in the real world, I’ve never been this type of woman. I don’t even like jewellery, so a big romantic gesture with diamonds wouldn’t impress me much. It would just tell me that that man doesn’t know me at all. Nevertheless, I must say that my boyfriend is a kind of victim of my romantic idea.

I like a simple affection that is manifested all the time, all year round. Not just on a certain day.

When my boyfriend wakes me up in the morning with kisses or the smell of coffee. That’s the best beginning of the day for me. I like when he cooks me a good dinner, and that’s just because it’s Wednesday or any other day. Or when we go to bed together in the evening together. And three hours later we are still up because we can’t stop talking.

That’s a big romantic gesture for me. This is my romantic idea of love, which I blindly searched for, and found completely unexpectedly.

My boyfriend doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. He says that it’s only a commercial celebration and there is nothing romantic about it. I wanted to discuss it with him and oppose him, but he continued. He told me that he loves me every day, all year round. And for any big or small romantic gesture, he doesn’t need a date in the calendar. And I couldn’t and didn’t want to oppose this, because, as I wrote, this kind of behaviour is the biggest romantic gesture in my world.

It probably means that I have more romantic souls in me than I thought.

And what about you, dear woman?

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