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It is always a good time to decide to change your life

It is always a good time to decide to change your life

“The power to change your life lies in the simplest of steps.”

Steve Maraboli

Change is a natural part of our lives. Whether it’s a change, a change of job, a change of partner, a change of housing or just a simple change of hair. You often embark on these changes completely without thinking, even if we do not know what will happen. You know that sometimes change is necessary.

But when it comes to changing life as a whole, you suddenly retreat to your shell. Why? Why you are afraid to change your life?

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The idea I come across most often is that we are old to change us or something in life. I do not understand that. The age until which you have to work is constantly moving higher and higher, the world expects the same performance from us at every age and under all circumstances. And we accept it or at least we have to accept it. So why are we so afraid of life change and hiding behind age?

When my mother first went abroad, she was in her late thirties, had two children and a husband. She didn’t know English and had no idea what she was going to do, but she knew it was time for a change.

When I left I was in my late twenties, just after graduating from university. I left behind a potential career in a law firm and the words of everyone around me that I should live in Slovakia first and only then go out into the world.

My friend Yvette, who is also my frequent source of inspiration, decided to change her life even though she was happy. She always wanted to work on ocean liners. So one day she packed her suitcases and decided to try it, even with her broken English. When the pandemic began she had to change her plans and start again on the mainland. But if you asked her if she regretted anything, she would say no. Regretting is for other people who do nothing about their lives.

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And my friend Martina returned the engagement ring and went out into the world. She felt she still had a lot to experience before she committed to living with someone else.

And I can continue to follow the examples of people who have taken the first step. But what I want to say is it’s never too late to change your life. It doesn´t matter how old you are or any other circumstances. Although people will argue the opposite.

I’m not an expert on life. I can only speak with my own experience and I can only give you my perspective. But if I did it, then I believe everyone can do it. The hardest one is the first step.

If you really want to change your life you have to make that decision. Nobody else can do it instead of you. You need to analyse:

  • what kind of life change you want
  • how big life change you want
  • why do you want to change something in your life
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All these and even more questions you should ask to yourself before you actually do something. The best is to write everything down somewhere and keep it in case you start to doubt your decision.

Deciding on something is always the first step.

From personal experience, I know it’s a good idea not to talk about it until you’ve analyzed everything you need for yourself.

Of course, if you want to consult about it, that’s a different situation. But if not, keep it to yourself, because people can be extremely critical of other people, they can teach and express inappropriate opinions even when no one is interested.

Today’s world is forcing people to adapt and not even to be themselves. That’s the bullshit. You have the right to be happy, to have the right to do what you enjoy. Also, you have the right to be surrounded by good people. You have the right to be selfish in this and think of your own happiness and needs. As one of my inspirational bloggers, she wrote: It’s okay to choose yourself even if you will disappoint other people.”

You have the right to change your life.

That’s exactly what I followed when I decided to arrange my life the way I liked it. It wasn’t easy at all and it wasn’t even day-to-day, but that’s how it works in real life. There are no shortcuts or accelerated moments like in the movie.

I will not bore you with my beginnings again, because I have already written about it more than once and more than enough. But if you haven’t read it, you have the opportunity to read it in my article “If life is a movie I want to be the main character and enjoy it” or “5 pearls of wisdom about what life abroad gave me”.

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picture from unsplash,Priscilla du Prez

You only live once, but if you live according to your satisfaction, that should be enough for you.

Therefore, don’t listen to the opinions of others. Don’t be influenced by society and those who are afraid of any change. Get to know yourself and discover what you want. If you can’t find it, don’t be afraid of even a small change.

Change something small in your life every day. Start learning a new language, because when this big pandemic is over, you will be able to travel again and experience adventure. Discover new hobbies. You never know which of them can bring you benefits for the future.

Dream big and don’t be afraid that it may not come true.

Be determined in whatever change you make.

You never know where it will take you. Take every opportunity for change, for something new, even if it’s not exactly what you dreamed of. It might become even more than you ever dream of.

Believe in your ability that you can change your life, financial situation, habits or behaviour.

Believe me, you are much stronger than you think. It will not always be easy, especially not in the beginning. In the beginning, this is always the hardest. Not everyone will like whatever big or small life change you will do. Many people will talk you out of it or they will even consider you selfish because they may not understand you.

My advice is don’t give up and keep going, even if you may not know exactly what your goal is. You’ll know in the end. And if not, it still won’t be your end.

I jumped back on this path a few years ago and I’m still walking on it. I also had hard moments when I wanted to give up, then I had moments when I wanted to stop time because it was great, but in the end, it’s all worth it. That’s life, isn’t it …?

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