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I’m not rude, just honest. People should be too

I’m not rude, just honest. People should be too

Do you know the feeling when you watch a TV show where people are supposed to show their talent, but they don’t have any? Nevertheless, they stand on stage and present themselves as artists. They will argue with the world that they have talent even if the jury and the audience tell them something completely different.

In most cases, these kinds of people never heard the truth because nobody told them. They are surrounded by people who stupidly support them or even worst lied to them about their talent. Most of the time it’s their mother, siblings, close family … and then they are completely shocked, surprised, and unhappy as it could have happened.

I will never understand why this is good. Why people do that to people with who they suppose to be close?

In my family, the phrase “if you want to belong somewhere or you want to get somewhere, you just have to be quiet and adapt,” has always been preferred. I have to admit, as I wrote in my first article about Bournemouth here, I tried for it a very long time.

I tried to fit somewhere. I slowed down my personality for a long time because I thought it was so better that my family was right. Although I always asked myself questions in my head. You really can’t get to some places without wearing a fake facemask? But then, are those places worth it? Are these people worth it where you have to play something all the time and be fake? Is such a relationship based on false illusion worth it?

I didn’t understand it before and I will probably never understand it. What’s the point of covering up the truth behind all those hypocritical sweet words? Why is it good to be quiet and try to fit in somewhere, try to make everyone like me? Why is it good to build such relationships?

Some people don’t like me but that’s okay.

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I don’t need to have people around me who can’t tell their opinion directly to my face but instead hide it in nice words and they want me to do the same. Why do I have friends who smile in my face and at the same time they can’t wait I leave the room because they have something to say about me? About me, behind my back.

I have to be honest. I can appreciate someone who confronts me and expresses dissatisfaction with what I am doing. If it is objective. We don’t have to like each other, but that’s okay, too. From my own experience, however, I can say that I form the deepest relationships with such people.

I am only responsible for myself and for my words.

How someone understands this is another, different thing. I like people with who I can openly talk and who are willing to listen to and accept objective criticism. I like to spend time with people who offer my personality and myself a different view, a different opinion. But I also like to express my opinion to others when they are doing something I don’t like and which I don’t think is right.

Do not confuse straightforwardness with rudeness.

I am tolerant and I can accept that other people may have different views on life and certain things. But I won’t applaud them and with a ready smile number 200 and tell them that they did a great job, just keep going. This isn’t who I am.

I used to be rude and couldn’t choose the right words, or rather I didn’t want to choose the right words. I didn’t care. What on the heart, on the tongue. Many times it got me into huge trouble, and only because I spoke completely openly.

Today I try to say how I feel, but I pay attention to the words I use. I try not to act in anger and let things rest, but I haven’t changed. I will always tell you what I think!

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There is no dream I would give up. I’m not going to put my head down just because someone doesn’t like it. They have always been behind my back and will stay there!

Many people don’t like my personality. People either love me or hate me completely.

Well, I’m not crying about it anymore. I no longer think about it at night, why the person does not like it. I will not lie that creating this attitude was easy and that it is always easy because it is not. I have to work on it all the time. Sometimes I find that some situations can really upset me and some people can incredibly shock me, but that’s probably part of life. We are still learning, working on ourselves, and growing.

Some people label me with various swear words just because I splashed the truth in their faces. But if that insult means that I can proudly look at myself in the mirror, I will wear it. Being able to express my opinion means that I respect myself.

After all, how else could I expect respect from others if I don’t start with myself?

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