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If life is a movie I want to be the main character and enjoy it

If life is a movie I want to be the main character and enjoy it

When I came to Bournemouth I had just two big suitcases. I didn’t know anyone. I had just idea in my head about changing my life. Even it sounds like a cliche.

If life is a movie a want to be main character

I always had a head full of dreams and ideas and I looked at everything differently and imagined it differently. My mom used to say that life for me is like a movie. But at the same time, I always wanted to belong somewhere, to belong to someone. I didn’t want to stand out from the crowd because I thought it is better not to.

I guess I didn’t want to argue with anyone.

And now, almost ten years later, I am here, trying to be different from the others, to live differently than society expects of me. I try to find myself without regretting anything. It will probably be a fact that people are maturing, changing, and evolving. Everyone is looking for their own way, their own way in life.

I am from Slovakia, which is quite a small country compared to other countries. My country is beautiful. I can’t say anything bad about my country. I decided not to live in my country and I went abroad. But before I left, I went through very interesting life periods. I’m not very proud of many of them, but most of them have become my inspiration.

I have been writing a diary since I remember. At first, it was just such childish nonsenses, but over time and especially with age, it changed into my thoughts, feelings, my life.

I don’t want to write just about great things, just about how amazing life is and that if your mindset is set upright, you will achieve everything you desire, because when I was in bad and difficult life moments, all these articles and speeches were incredibly annoying and I did not attach any importance to them.

I think everyone who has ever had a bad period knows exactly what I’m writing about.

Even now, when my life is what I want and what I’m working on to be, I have days when I want to kill all these motivational speakers.

I think it’s completely natural. I think it’s quite natural to feel that way, at least temporarily. It is important to remember at some point you have to stop these feelings and stop feel self-pity for yourself. So I stopped and decided to do something about it.

I always wanted to live nearby the sea and that was probably the main reason why I choose Bournemouth. I remember a spark in my eyes when I was searching for a place to improve my English. With the money that I had and sunny pictures from google, I made up my mind.

Bournemouth beach, Alumni chine part
Bournemouth beach

I don’t want to lie about how amazing everything was because it was not.

Everybody whoever decided to start somewhere from the beginning or start something new knows how hard and scary beginning can be.

I really want to say I felt absolutely confident about what I was doing and so excited as some main character from a movie, but truth is that I was absolutely terrified.

In my head, I imagined Bournemouth much smaller, something like Stars Hollow from Gilmore girls, which means I expected that when I get off the bus I will exactly know where to go or someone will be there to help me.

But obviously life is not a movie so when I got off nothing happened. Except for the fact that it was already dark and I was by myself in the middle of coach station without an idea where to go and without a sense of orientation. I can’t give you a better explanation of what I was expecting.

Life was a movie for me and I was the main character.

Now that I think about it, I was crazy. My ideas were unrealistic and I didn’t have a proper plan. I relied on luck. After all, I still rely on luck and I still think a little bit that life is a movie and I’m the main character, so nothing much has changed.

Bournemouth pier
Bournemouth pier

Why I choose Bournemouth? How I choose Bournemouth? You will find the answer to these questions and much more in the article My best advice before you made up your mind and decide to travel

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