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Happy birthday little sister or London adventure

Happy birthday little sister or London adventure

This week is special for me, a bit nostalgic. My little sister is celebrating a birthday. She has finally reached that magical age of twenty years of her life. It’s unbelievable.

When I was smaller, I always dreamed of a sibling. I didn’t want to be an only child. When my wish finally came true, I was incredibly happy and I didn’t even know how much my life would change. Whatever happens, she will always be here for me and she is my best friend for life. Our relationship has shaped over the years to this form, which I adore. Having a sister is great.

I still remember the moment they called us from the hospital and announced that my little sister was asking about the world. They were just releasing the last episode of the soap opera Rosalinda on TV. I never saw that episode because my father and I headed for the maternity ward. It is interesting what things people remember.

I’m a little sad that we can’t spend her birthday together as we have used to in recent years. That’s why I decided to today go back in time. Every year since I live in Bournemouth, Zuzka and I have a birthday tradition of visiting London. We always spend a few days there and enjoy ourselves as tourists. London is a huge metropolitan city, so even if you visit it several times, you will definitely not be bored there. There are always a million options for fun.

Travelers Tavern pub
London adventure

The journey from Bournemouth to London Victoria station takes about two hours. As soon as you arrive at the station, you have a number of options for where to have your first pint and start your adventure. We always choose Travelers Tavern pub.

As far as prices are concerned, London is one of the most expensive holiday destinations, but since I live in Bournemouth, I am not very shocked, because they are very similar in price.

In Bournemouth, you pay for the beach and the luxury of the summer area and in London for the experience and the metropolitan area, but London is clearly worth its price.

If you’re wondering what life is like in Bournemouth, be sure to check out my article on how I fell in love with this city at a first sign.

If I would want to describe everything that can be done in London and mention all the beautiful places you can see there, I would need more than one article. But since this is a more birthday article, I decided to focus only on our favorite places.

We celebrated her first birthday in London as a real tourist. We decided to follow in the footsteps of all the typical London landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and all those beautiful mini alleys with typical British pubs, although our first visit took place without their visit as Zuzka celebrated only seventeen.

Happy birthday

But that changed a year later when I picked her up at the station on her 18th birthday, and we headed to a very popular Sheakesper pub on the way to Buckingham Palace, because that’s where we always start our London tradition.

It is the official seat of the royal family, so if you are lucky and we are in the right place at the right time, you can see them there. Unfortunately, we never managed to do that, but we always managed to at least make the guards on the shift laugh. How we always succeed is our eternal secret. Good luck to anyone who wants to try.

As I mentioned. We always start with Buckingham Palace, that’s our routine. Usually then, as the right tourists, we head to Hyde Park, which is full of locals. We walk around and have a little picnic on the grass where we end up spending hours because it’s better than sitting somewhere in a noisy place and since we often don’t see each other in person, we always have a lot to say.

There is an eight-year difference between me and my sister, but sometimes you wouldn’t even know it.

For her eighteenth birthday, my sister had only one wish, and that was a perfect photo with Tower Bridge. So that was our next goal. But taking a picture with a bridge can be harder than it seems. You have to find the perfect angle and distance for the perfect photo. I am attaching proof that we finally succeeded, even though the local “security” warned us that we can not sit on the raised wall and that many tourists have already lost their belongings because they thought that taking one innocent photo could not be like that challenging and also complicated or dangerous.

Sister time

So tip for me: Don’t be a stupid tourist and don’t take risks for a perfect photo, even though I myself often break this rule.

But I was pretty angry because I didn’t get my perfect photo. But the birthday girl takes precedence.

As proper tourists, we could not miss Trafalgar Square, which is named after the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and the victory of the British Navy in the Napoleonic Wars.

One of the great attractions in London is undoubtedly Big Ben, but unfortunately, it is not possible to see in all its beauty, because it is under reconstruction until 2021. But I believe that when he finally sees the light of day, he will be even more beautiful than before. We managed to see him when it all started.

Despite the fact that I have been to London several times, it is always a different adventure for me and it can always inspire me with its atmosphere. As probably the only city I always like to come back here and I always think about what else I could do here.

These are probably the most famous attractions in London that you should not miss on your first visit. It all depends on how long you plan to stay. Take your time. You’d better enjoy fewer sights than a million sights and no atmosphere.

London adventure

My best advice on how to enjoy London 100% is to walk everywhere. Only on foot do you have the opportunity to see things and places you would never see from the bus or subway. You have the opportunity to soak up the right London atmosphere with coffee in hand.

As I write this article, I am fully aware of how amazing London is. Everyone can find a piece of themselves there. I will definitely return to this adventure in my Travel & Discover category.

But this post belongs more to my sister than to London. It’s me and my sister are two completely different people, and no one would say that we are alike and that we are sisters. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that she is one of my favorite people on earth and I would never trade her for anything.

Having a sister doesn’t just mean having a sibling. Having a sister means having a friend who always writes to you, calls you, pays you lunch, listens to you, and lets you cry. But not for long, only as long as you need it.

You are the best sister in the world and I wish you all the best and I know that your next birthday we will be there again in our London.

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