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Bournemouth – Beautiful “Garden City by the sea”

Bournemouth – Beautiful “Garden City by the sea”

It is said that home is where your heart is. Three years ago, I came to Bournemouth for a language course for a few months. A few months have passed like water and my heart is still here, in this beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth.

Bournemouth as a coastal resort town on the south coast of England become full of tourists during the summer, but almost empty during the winter but full of students not just from different part of England. It is full of foreign tourists and that makes it interesting and my home.

Bournemouth pier

I never thought that of all the countries I had been to, I would end up in England, specifically Bournemouth. Life has convinced me again that you never know where you will be and that´s why never say never.

How Bournemouth become Bournemouth?

It all started around 1810 when the area, the beach that was originally the only place where cattle graze, was visited by Lewis Tregonwell and his wife, who fell in love with her and therefore persuaded him to build a house there. It has been proven that women in general have a magical effect on men. In this case, it was a great idea. Although there was no settlement in Bournemouth until 1837.

Only later, at the end of the 18th century, seaside holidays became very popular. Many new resorts have been built, including Brighton, Eastbourne, and Bognor Regis. In 1836, Sir George Tapps-Gervis decided to create a seaside resort in Bournemouth.

In 1840 people from the surrounding area, Southampton or Weymouth, began to arrive and Bournemouth began to build its position.

Tapps-Gervis died in 1842, but construction work continued and by 1851 the first shops appeared on the commercial road. Gradually, as the city was built, the number of inhabitants increased.

My first impression of town was amazing.

The first couple of days I decided to spend with myself. Well, I didn´t have many options anyway but I had to organize my thoughts and get used to the new situation.

My first steps were to the beach. Bournemouth has beautiful long golden sandy beaches. It is one of the safest beaches in the UK and it is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. I have to see it.

Bournemouth beach

The beach has become one of my safe haven where I can switch off, relax and get ready for another life situation. I feel like the sea has a magic power to wash away all the bad things. I bought coffee and sat on the beach, pulled out my diary and wrote. Beach help me think and get inspiration.

Plus the beach was where I first had an unofficial date with my boyfriend.

We used to secretly meet there and talk about everything, mostly about silly things, creating funny stories. Something that nobody else would understand. We didn’t have any favorite spot, all beach is beautiful and not just the beach.

To be honest, I don’t have any favorite place or restaurant on the beach, because there aren’t many of them here and the few here are overpriced in my opinion, which I think is related to the beautiful sea view. Well, if I had to choose a place with a great view and the comfort of the view, I would definitely choose Aruba. Bar or restaurant, you can consider it both.

It is located right next to Bournemouth Pier along with a large wheel. You certainly can’t miss it. I like to go there for a drink after work, often there are two drinks for one. The price is so average for English conditions and the quality is not comparable to a drink in Be at One, but it pays off for the view.

But except the beach, Bournemouth offers another great option of how to spend your time. Southbourne, Boscombe, and Westbourne are Bournemouth´s coastal villages. They all are bustling, vibrant, and well worth a visit.

Southbourne is located to the east of Bournemouth. Along its pretty, coastal high street you’ll find bistros, coffee houses, and independent retailers, as well as food, health, gift and craft shops. All within easy reach of the stunning Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve, which you can’t miss when you visit Bournemouth.

Hengistbury head

If you’re looking for antique shops, retro clothing, and second-hand gems, Boscombe is where you should be headed. Plus Boscombe belongs to the area where most foreigners live, supposedly because the prices of accommodation there are at a friendly level, but I personally think that it is also because there are a lot of great places.  Take a stroll down to Boscombe Beach where you will find an array of fun activities for you to enjoy including Boscombe pier with minigolf, surfing, slacklining, paddleboarding, and volleyball. There are more nice tasty restaurants.

I need to get myself to explore these areas more because they are definitely worthy of it.

The area I definitely had the opportunity to explore the west of Bournemouth is Westbourne. Westbourne is where we found our place, our home in the great Victorian grade II listed arcade. You can find there many unique shopping experiences, hair and beauty salons, art galleries, antique little shops, charity shops, and cute boutiques. One of my favorite places is the Circo Lounge. It is a cute cafe – a bar-restaurant. It is a very casual place for a coffee meeting. The Interior is very unusual. Every table and chair is different. There are many paintings and frames of various sizes on the wall. So many different things can be distracting for someone and a lot of colors goofy, but I love it.

When I came to Bournemouth I didn’t have much money nor did my classmates.

British pubs have therefore become our favourite place.

Coming to Britain and not going to a pub is a sin like going to Moravia or France and not going to a wine cellar.

There are about 60,000 traditional English pubs throughout the country. I would say that visiting the pub is one of the favourite British hobbies, especially after a hard day’s work.

There are many good pubs in Bournemouth. One of my favourites is probably the most famous pub network in Britain. Probably every Brit and everyone who lives there for at least a few months knows what it means to say “Let’s go for one at the spoon”. Tim Martin founded the Wetherspoons in 1979 and has opened almost a thousand pubs since then. In addition to beer and cider, they also have food here and especially very reasonable prices. And some days special discounts or offers. Someone would say that quality cannot be called food, but if you just sit there and drink with friends, it is good to have something to eat.

As the article name implies, Bournemouth is full of gardens and greenery.

In the city centre, there is a large garden, which is perfect for summer picnics if you are not a big fan of the sand on the beach. This garden stretches all the way to Westbourne and ends with the beautiful mini-lake Coy Pond, which is especially popular with the locals.

Coy Pond

In Westbourne is also my favorite way to get to the beach has become the shortcut via Alum Chine. When I’m there, I feel like I’m in a kind of magical forest and I’m just waiting for a rabbit to show up and pull me into a burrow like in Alice in Wonderland. Also, Alum Chine is home to a beautiful Tropical Garden which is situated to the rear of the beach just into Alum Chine and immediately above the children’s playground what I still saw but I never thought to go there. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka but that’s exactly how I imagine it, full of tropical flowers and greenery.

I fell in love with Bournemouth at first sight. It’s like being on vacation all year, especially during the summer and that was one of my dreams when I was younger so I can honestly say that dreams can come true.

If you want to know how I ended up in Bournemouth read my article If life is a movie I want to be the main character.

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