Best restaurants to eat in Bournemouth

Best restaurants to eat in Bournemouth

Are you looking for the best restaurant in Bournemouth with perfect food, atmosphere, and friendly staff? I have a few ideas for you that you should definitely not miss during your visit to Bournemouth. Plus I know where the best burger in town is.

August is always very intense and hectically month but because we lost a few months in lockdown I feel like everyone is trying to catch up everything as soon as they can and adapt to the new normal so it is even crazier than usual. One of the things I was looking forward to when we finally get out of the lockdown is that we will be able to enjoy great food in a restaurant and not just in our living room and someone will prepare the food for us. Bournemouth is a perfect place with so many opportunities for good food. for every food lover.

More about my lockdown you can find in my article here.

The British government decided to support the hospitality industry and created a scheme called Eat out to help out which makes every restaurant incredibly busy.

If you are like me, a food lover, then this is definitely something for you.

“Eat Out to help out” was a government program in August to give people to opportunity to get a 50% discount on their food. The purpose was to encourage the public to eat outside and thus support the restaurant industry, which is trying to recover after the lock-down. And because August is our month with Henry and because we have been stacked at home for months and we cooked only at home we have decided to take this opportunity.

Henry and I like to eat outside. We have our favourite restaurants and places but this was a great opportunity to try different places we might not normally go to. When choosing a restaurant, we focused mainly on what we like and therefore not too fancy and posh, somewhere where we can have simple and ordinary or quick lunch but also a pleasant romantic dinner or date night.

Right at the beginning, I must say that we enjoyed every single restaurant, and every single restaurant is worth to visit no matter of special offers. I try to criticize as little as possible, because I prefer to praise and appreciate something, even though it may not be exactly my cup of coffee. Each restaurant had its own charm, pleasant atmosphere, good food and we were there at different times and on different occasions.

And what restaurants have we visited? We were in:

  • The Real Greek
  • Circo Lounge
  • Lazy Fox
  • Zim
  • Ask Italian
  • Mighty Wieners

But let’s say something about each restaurant. Maybe I’ll finally figure out which one is my absolute favorite.

The Real Greek

The Real Greek is my top favorite restaurant. I’m a big lover of tapas which is a small portion of various types of food. The Real Greek in Bournemouth is located right in the center, opposite the Bournemouth gardens and The Moon in the Square in the Odeon complex. You can not miss it.

This restaurant is my favorite because Henry and I had our first unofficial date there. We sat opposite each other and smile shyly at each other, me more than he did. We ordered different tapas with the idea that we would share it with each other, but unfortunately, as is probably the case on many first dates, shyness didn’t allow us to do so. Still, it was a great first date. And in the end, I kissed him on the cheek. We spent hours there talking about everything and nothing, as we have been doing for two years.

But now I have turned away from the topic. But if you are a food lover and especially a lover of Greek cuisine and want to enjoy it with a perfect view of Bournemouth gardens The Real Greek is a brilliant option for you.

As for the ratio of price and quality, I evaluate it very positively. They offer special lunch but also an all-day menu where the price per serving will not cost you more than 14 pounds.

Circo Lounge

If you are looking for good coffee, a little snack, and a welcoming space with plenty of cozy corners like at home Circo Lounge is just right for you. Their menu is very colorful and full of various kind of food what does not have to be for everybody. Henry really struggles to choose there, but because I love the place and he is a burger lover he can always choose one.

We went there for tapas lunch. I must say that the food didn’t look like the classic Spanish tapas we are used to from the holiday, but in terms of price and quality I rate it very positively and I would definitely repeat it.

At Circo Lounge, I like that every piece of furniture is different, no chair has its twin, there are a lot of different paintings and mirrors of different shapes on the walls. For some, it may seem too gimmicky or very overdone, but it all fits together nicely as a whole. Plus stuff there is incredibly nice I never had a bad experience there and they are pet friendly.

We were there for the first time on one of our first dates and I recommend it if you want something very casual and informal. In Westbourne, they also have a pleasant summer terrace.

Lazy Fox

All burgers lovers pay attention because I have here absolutely top place to visit if you are fancy have a good burger.

Lazy Fox was a completely spontaneous idea when we once found out during the cleaning of the apartment that we had nothing to eat at home. It is the right place to go to Bournemouth if you want to enjoy a great burger. Even I did really enjoy it and I can’t consider myself a burger lover.

The restaurant is located in Westbourne, opposite the historic Westbourne Arcade.

I would recommend you to go to  Lazy Fox if you’re in Westbourne, which you should definitely not miss when visiting Bournemouth if you know exactly that you fancy a good burger.

You can read more about Westbourne and the beauties of Bournemouth in my article here.

Zim Braai

My latest holiday dream is Africa but because it isn’t very possible to go there in this current situation, Henry decided to bring Africa here and took me to an African restaurant Zim.

Zim is a mixture of good food, a pleasant atmosphere, and excellent staff. I felt like I was the center of attention since we arrived and it continued throughout the evening. The food was excellent, we later regretted that we were not afraid of starters. But instead of starters, this time we unexpectedly chose dessert, which was also a great choice.

As I mentioned Zim is a home for the tastes and vibrant music and atmosphere of Southern Africa so as you can guess, food is full of exotic flavors of Africa. I would recommend this restaurant for these food lovers who like experimenting with food otherwise you can be slightly disappointed. Especially because this restaurant may seem pricy to someone, but you really pay for quality food and great service.

Ask Italian

Ask Italian was a completely unexpected possibility when I found out on Friday night that all the restaurants were already full on Monday night.

I’m a big Zizzi fan, but Ask never made me want to go there. But I thought I’d give it a chance. So on Monday night, we moved to magical Italy, which, like their kitchen, will never bore me.

With wine in hand, we enjoyed seafood and bruschetta. Although bruschetta was not the best bruschetta I had ever eaten, the food was good, nothing special but it was not completely disappointing. Also, the staff was very friendly, paid attention to us.

Ask Italian is located just like The Real Greek in Odeon, on the ground floor. It’s the kind of restaurant where I would go for a quick neutral meal when I don’t know exactly what I like to eat.

For me, Zizzi is still a better option.

Mighty Wieners

This is the last place we visited and it was a complete coincidence when we were walking home hungry. And I have to say it was a great experience. The staff was very nice despite the fact that we came and we did not have a booking so they found us a place and treated us very pleasantly.

Mighty Wieners started trading 12 months ago as a mobile street food business but because all the summer festivals were canceled due to the coronavirus, they came up with the idea of a real restaurant, thus joining the vegan community on the triangle.

It is a small house with a terrace opposite Zim restaurants and of all the vegan restaurants on the triangle, this is what appealed to me the most.

From the outside, it all looks so nice and unforced. You can see that stuff enjoys their job. They are very smile, helpful, and chatty. Everyone is dressed in what makes them comfortable and the whole thing looks very relaxed and friendly. If you are a vegan, veggie-lover, or even meat lover you will fall in love with this place I guarantee you that.

So did you find your favorite one? Or do you know about the better one? Feel free to share it with other food lovers.

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