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9 Things I learned during my life and changed my view of the world

9 Things I learned during my life and changed my view of the world

Life is often the best teacher. He often teaches me things I thought I already knew. What is it? Here are the things I learned during my life. and I wish I knew them earlier. Do you have yours?

There have been times in my life when my biggest fear was new things, new people, or new places. I was afraid to leave my comfort zone. I was afraid to leave people I knew and places I often visited, even though I didn’t see anything new in them. All those fears made me think about my life. Do I really want my life like that?

I was afraid to leave the people I was literally attached to and unable to find my own direction. It was my hard personal struggle, but at the end of it, I understood a lot of things. I wrote down a few points as a reference to my younger self because I believe that there is definitely someone out there who fights like I was.

So here is my list of things I learned during my life and I wish I knew them earlier.

You can’t change the past

This is my number one because it is the greatest and strongest wisdom for me that I had to understand, accept, and let go of.

list of things I learned during my life and I wish I knew them earlier

The past is something that each of us has. Each of us has experienced something in our lives that has affected him, met someone who has influenced him. And not always in a positive sense.

I used to analyze the past a lot, think about it and worry about it. I often wondered if I did some things because I wanted to or to avoid the mistakes of the past. I still do it sometimes, even if I don’t want to. But today I know that I cannot change the past and that is why I accept it. I try to see things differently, to see them as life lessons. You should do the same.

Feelings are only temporary

It’s just a bad day, not life. The way you feel today will not be in a few days. You may forget about it even sooner than you think. Pain, anger, sadness, or any emotion may not and probably will not last forever. And that’s perfectly fine. This does not diminish the importance of those feelings. It just gives you hope for a better tomorrow. And we all want a better and more beautiful tomorrow, don’t you think?

Feelings are only temporary

You don’t need anyone to make you happy

Relationships break our hearts, open our eyes, and change our souls. Every guy who crosses your path will teach you something and it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. It will become part of you, something that will be etched in your heart.

But one thing is certain and the sooner you understand it, the easier it will be for you to live. You don’t need anyone to make you happy. You should learn to be happy with yourself. You should do everything you enjoy, try new things, discover and meet new people. You should do whatever makes you happy.

It’s absolutely okay to be a little selfish

You have to love yourself and put yourself in the first place even if it’s a little bit selfish. You are the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life. I’m not saying that you have to be stupidly selfish and hurt others by your actions, but it’s your life and that’s why you don’t compromise on decision-making. Those who love you will support you and stand by you and you really don’t need the others in your life.

It is okey be happy and little bit selfish

You have to realize that not everyone will love you

Always be yourself.

Don’t try to please everyone. No matter where, whether at school or work, you will still find people who just don’t like you and it doesn’t matter what you do. You will have nothing to say or you will have nothing in common. They just won’t like you, even if nothing happened between you. Likewise, you will not like everyone you meet. That’s life. You have to learn to accept it sooner or later.

You don’t have to have many friends, you just need to find the right ones

You must have met people who let you down. You considered them friends and did everything in the world for them, but they would do nothing for you. The moment you needed them, they would turn your back on you.

I don’t know how many times a person can be disappointed in people, but I’ve been disappointed many times. I still wonder if I believe in friendships. What I’ve learned is to be more careful and not want to have a lot of friendships. You don’t need a lot of friends. It’s all about quality, not quantity. It is important to know how to choose friends. You don’t have to be here for everyone, because not everyone will be here for you.

You don´t have to have many friends, you just need to find the right ones

Have your own opinion, but also respect the opinion of others

A woman who has no opinion has nothing. If you do not have your own opinion and you just repeat or agree with the opinion of others, you will very quickly understand that you have nothing to contribute. It is important to broaden your horizons and form your own opinion.

There is nothing sexier than a woman with her own opinion. But there is nothing more anti sexy than a woman who does not listen to or accept the opinion of others. Remember, everyone has the right to express themselves.

Educate yourself and learn as much as you can

I know that you feel that school is not important and that you will never use everything you learn there, but the truth is that you never know when you will need something. Give a chance to everything that the school offers you and choose what interests you the most. You definitely invest your time in language, at least one. It is very useful for your future life, work or if you want a more adventurous life abroad.

For this I know perfect website where you can do curses from home.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things

Find your great fear and get out of your comfort zone. Or just start doing new things that have always scared you, step by step. A small step for humanity can mean a big step for yourself. Get out of town. Find new friends. Go to the school that was your dream and not your parents’ dream. Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you don’t succeed, you have to keep in mind that you have a valuable experience that will definitely move you somewhere, even if you don’t know where.

And you know what? Love your decisions more than anything else.

Feel free to share your list of things I learned during my life and I wish I knew them earlier down in the comment.

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