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6 reasons why I am proud to be a woman and you should be too

6 reasons why I am proud to be a woman and you should be too

I am a woman and I am proud to be a woman. I am proud of everything that makes us women.

These lines are for every woman who is currently struggling to be a woman. So, dear woman, if it’s you, you are not alone in it and I am sending you as much positive energy as you need, because I know that being a woman is sometimes a superhuman feat. But I would never exchange my femininity for masculinity.

We women have superpowers which is our femininity.

I am proud to be a woman because of the femininity given to us and I am grateful for every little opportunity to show it. I am proud of how we can change, how we can express our femininity and otherness in one gentle gesture. I am proud that we are not afraid of change, especially the great one with which we have broken down all prejudices … prejudices of men, the world, and everyone around us. We have stopped being oppressed and put in the back, behind stoves and pots that many of us don’t enjoy at all.

I am proud that we have stood on our own two feet and started to create our own world, a strong world in which we are not afraid to be ourselves.
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We are mothers, friends, artists, scientists who often have to overcome the pitfalls of life that we can sometimes not even imagine. We often walk with a broken heart but a smile on our faces. We often pretend to be okay and it’s all boiling inside us, we are disappointed, deceived and unhappy. We often do not reveal it. I am proud of everything that we women go through in life.

Sometimes we think about the past and we cry because it belongs to it, but we don’t cry for it, we cry for the memories we have in us. We are not ashamed of tears, we have long known that they often help.

We, women, are each different, but at the same time, we are the same.

We are different, we love differently, we love others and yes, sometimes we love the same ones. We love. We hate it. We forgive. We forgive men, children, friends, the world. We seek and often happily walk into what is forbidden. We lose loved ones and try to live without them, even though we cannot imagine it ourselves. Well, we’re trying. We give strength to others when they need it, even if we do not have the strength to give away. But we are women, we also give what little we have, because we know that even that little can help someone. We leave when we know it’s over even if it hurts.

We, women, are visible, but at the same time invisible.

We see more and more of us. Everywhere we come, we leave a piece of our femininity. We are stronger than a hurricane, even if we don’t want to destroy anything. Our strength comes from within us. We can also be invisible and silent because we know that sometimes silence is gold. Sometimes we are silent because we don’t want to talk or because we know that sometimes words are useless. We women, even though we are each different, are essentially the same. In our chests beats big hearts, and in the corner of our souls, we all long for the same, for happiness.

We, women, do what we want.

We, women, want happiness, but we are no longer looking for it blindly. We are no longer waiting at home for the prince on the white horse, who will come to save us. We can save ourselves. We are not bored, we have our own lives in which we want a man who would fit into that life and not disrupt and destroy it. We often don’t know what we want, but we know exactly what we don’t want. We want a man who will love us, but at the same time, he will leave us our freedom and liberty.

We, women, are unstoppable.

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And that’s what I personally like most about us women and whats makes me be proud to be a woman the most. Our passion for something that we want. Whatever it is, we are unstoppable to get it. Because we put our heart and soul into it. Something that someone else might not understand.

If we, women, believe in something, maybe even something impossible, we want to achieve it and we enjoy the process.

We, women, are fighters.

We don’t give up, often even when it might be easier. Our faith drives us forward and our determination makes us unstoppable.

We are women who love, hate, forgive, grow, and live on 110%. Women are strong human beings and we should be proud of that. I am proud to be a woman.

In the end I have for all of you a little motivation here.

3 thoughts on “6 reasons why I am proud to be a woman and you should be too

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      Amazing article. Thank you for this 😊

    • Author gravatar

      It is nice of you to write an encouraging piece for all women. I, for one, am feminine and not a feminist. I feel sometimes women who are feminist look down upon those who enjoy traditional gender roles. While some may hate to cook and see it as an unworthy endeavor, I see designing a menu and experimenting with recipes as a way to be creative, for one, and it is also a way to express love and care for yourself and your family (if you are blessed to have one). Like you say, we are different and yet the same because we share many of the same struggles, so I appreciate you for writing this. 😊💕

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        Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. I believe that we women, whether we feel more or less feminist or just more or less feminine, must stick together. If not us, women, who else…? Sending lots of love to you 🙂

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